John T. Harvey Will


I, John T. Harvey, of the township of Harrison, county of Van Wert and state of Ohio, being aware of the uncertainty of life and in failing health but of sound mind and memory and understanding, do make and publish this, my last Will and Testament in and form following, to wit:

First--I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved wife, Catherine Harvey, in lieu of her dower, the farm on which we now reside, situate in Harrison township, Van Wert county, described as follows, to wit: the north half of the northwest quarter of section fifteen, town two south, range one east in Harrison township, Van Wert county, Ohio, containing seventy-nine acres of land, more or less, during her natural life; and all the stock, household goods, furniture, provisions and other goods and chattels which may be thereon at the time of my decease. I give and bequeath to her absolutely, she however selling so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay my just debts.

Second--I give and devise to my daughter, Edith A. Harvey, the family Bible.

Third--To Edward E. Harvey, my son, I give my watch.

Fourth--At the decease of my said wife, then I devise and bequeath all of said property equally to my children: Edith A. Harvey, Edward E. Harvey, Laura E. Harvey, Vicie D. Harvey and Cora E. Harvey.

Fifth--I hereby nominate and appoint Martin Showalter guardian of my daughters until they reach the age of eighteen years, and of my son, until which time he reaches the age of twenty-one years; my said guardian hereby enjoined to give my children a good common English education and to rear them in the habits of industry and incalculate upon them as far as may be Christian faith and charity.

Sixth--I hereby nominate and appoint Mahlon Capper and Henry Showalter executors of this my Last and Testament hereby authorizing and empowering them to compromise, release and discharge in such manner as they may deem proper the debts and claims due me, I do also authorize and empower them if it become necessary in order to pay my debts, to sell by private sale and in such manner upon such terms of credit or otherwise as they may think proper, all or any part of my real estate and deeds to purchasers to execute, acknowledge and deliver in fee simple.

Seventh--I deem that no appraisement and no sale of my personal property be made, and that the Court of Probate direct the ommission of the same in pursuances of the Statute.

I hereby revoke all former wills by me made.

In testimony hereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 25th day of January in the year eighteen hundred and eighty seven.

(signed) John T. Harvey (sealed)

Signed and acknowledged by the said testator John T. Harvey as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence at his request. Witnessed by our own hands the 25th day of January, 1887:
Aaron T. Pancakes
Mahlon Capper
Henry Showalter
Martin Showalter

(Van Wert County Will Records, Vol. 4, pages 91-92)

[notes: Probate of will stated John T. Harvey died March 25th, 1889; a daughter, Rebecca, is listed as next of kin on probate records, although not mentioned in will--was she born later?; post office address of all next of kin given as "Daisy, Van Wert County."]

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