Van Wert County, Ohio
Directory 1872-1873

Williams' Ohio State Directory, 1872-73
Van Wert County Entries
Williams & Company, Publishers
Cincinnati, Ohio

Is situated in Van Wert Co., on the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Railroad, 7 miles north-west of Van Wert, the county seat. Population, 136. The post office address is Tully.

List of Business Persons:
Albright, John, cooper
Bigelow & Co. staves and heading
Bohnert & Treftzger, lime manufs.
Bonewitz, D. R., dry goods, boots and shoes
Courtney, Wm., grocer
Fandree, L. E., carpenter
Hatch, Timothy, hoops and hoop poles
Hilton, John W., broom manuf.
Keinzle & Zimmerman, saw mill
Leslie, E. P. & Son, physician
Moyer, Jacob O., painter
Smith, H. S., carpenter and undertaker
Stamm & Shumm, dry goods and groceries
Studebecker, John & Bro., boots and shoes
Swigert, J., saloon
Wilt, Jacob, Jr., blacksmith
WYANDT, JACOB, Postmaster and Music Teacher
Wyandt, Jacob & Co., saw mill and lumber

Is situated in Allen and Van Wert Counties, on the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Railway, 45 miles east from Fort Wayne, and on the Miami & Erie Canal, half way between Dayton and Toledo. It contains a population of 3,000, and is an enterprising place, rapidly improving, and surrounded by a rich and fertile country.

Mayor, C. C. Marshall;
Recorder, S. D. Chamber;
Marshal, S. Marshall;
Treasurer, Max Woerner;
Council, A. Shack, H. Bixby, H. Lindeman, E. Fink, H. Weible, J. W. Feely, S. F. Himmelright and C. H. Whittier.

List of Business Persons:
Abel, Jacob, dry goods, Canal st
Alstatter, Emma, milliner, Canal st
American House, Canal st
Ammon, Fred., baker, Canal st
Bernet, J. A., saloon, Canal st
Beyer, F., mer. tailor, Canal st
Brickner, M., grocer, Canal st
Brotherton, T. W., attorney, N. Main st
Brown, J. R., saw mill, Canal st
BROWN'S HOTEL, cor Canal and Jackson; N. H. Webb, Proprietor
Bullner, F., boots and shoes, Canal st
Clingan, C. C., dress maker, S. Main st
COMMERCIAL HOUSE, 1st street; W. D. Jones, Proprietor
Conklin, S. F., woolen mills. Main st
Cowan, Mrs. M. M., milliner, Canal st
Crist & Abel, hides, the. S. Main st
Delphos Hub & Spoke Co., Canal st
DELPHOS UNION STAVE CO., Manufacturers and Dealers in Staves, Hoops and Headings
Derwort, Marcus, cooper
Deubler, L., meats, Canal st
Dienstberger, Jacob, blacksmith, S. Main st
Eich & Co., stoves, &c. Canal st
Eysenbach, H. P. & Bro., drugs, Canal st
Finkenour, H., grocer, Canal st
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DELPHOS, O., S. G. Roebuck, President; J. M. C. Marble, Cashier
Fisher & Mauk, millinery, Canal st
Gant, John, barber, Canal st
GREEN, J. B., Stoves and Tinware, Canal street
Hankins & Sharger, blacksmiths, Canal st
Hartshorn, E., attorney, Canal st
Himmelright, S. F., woolen mills. Canal st
Hoffrichter, John, hotel, nr Depot
Horstman, A., brewery, S. Main st
Hunt & Walsh, drugs, etc, Canal st
Jettinger, R., brewery, S. Main st
Jones, W. D., Proprietor Commercial House, 1st street
Kahl, Caspar, saloon, Canal at
Kalt, John, grocer, Canal at
Kindly, J., cigars, Canal st
King, Ed., hotel, Canal st
Kleinhans, Christ., barber shop, Canal st
KOLLSMITH, F. & CO., Manufacturers of Spring and Lumber Wagons,
Krift, F. J., watches, etc, Canal st
Krift & Ricker, ginning mill, Canal st
Lammerman, John, saloon, Canal st
Lindemann, F. & B., boots and shoes, Canal st
Lindemann, H., boots and shoes, S. Main st
Lloyd, J. D., saddles and harness, N. Main st
LYE & WALSH, Commission Merchants and General Insurance Agents, S. Main st
Lytle & Scott, dry goods, Canal st
MARSHALL, C. C., Justice of the Peace and Real Estate Agent, Canal st
Mathis, E. R., photographer, Canal st
Metzer, John, grocer, Canal st
Meyers & Berryman, grocers, Canal st
Miller & Morton, saw and flour mills, 1st st
Minnig, David, furniture, Canal at
Moennig, Clark, tanning, S Canal st
MOENNIG, HENRY J., Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Hardware, Iron, Nails, etc
Moennig & Trentman, dry goods, Canal st
Mozier & Bro., grocers, 1st st
Neibergall, Henry, saloon, Canal st
Ostendorf, J. & Co., dry goods, etc, cor Canal and Main
Owens, E., marble works, Canal st
Peters, C. F., dry goods, Canal st
Phelan & Chambers, dry goods, etc, cor Main and Canal
Rider, Levi, saddles, etc, Canal st
Risley, M. A., postmaster, N. Main st
Roth, John, meats, S. Main st
Roth, John & Son, meats, Canal st
Schaffer, Chas., grocer, S. Main st
Schreiber & Geier, boots and shoes, Canal st
Sidlmier, C., saloon, Canal st
Sheeter, G., boots and shoes, N. Main st
Shenk & Lang, drugs, etc, Canal st
Shilling G. wagon maker, 1st st
Star Handle Manufacturing Co., John Arwell, Secretary
Stuter & Son, carriage manufs, Canal st
Sutton & Lang, millinery, Canal st
TANNEHILL, HANKINS & CO, Manufacturers of Spring and Lumber Wagons, Canal st
Tolan, D. H., Delphos Herald, Canal st
Vick, I. P., dentist, Canal st
Walsh, M., boots and shoes, Market st
Ward, Jas., livery stable, Main st
WEBB, N. H, Proprietor Brown𠏋 Hotel, cor Canal and Jackson
Will, Joseph & Co., blacksmiths, 1st st
WOERNER BROS., Dealers in Dry Goods,Groceries, Boots, Shoes, etc, Canal st
Wrocklage, T. & Co., grocers, Canal st
Wulfhorst, J. F., clothing, Canal st

Is situated in Van Wert Co., on the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Railway, 20 miles east of Ft. Wayne, Ind.. and 12 miles west of Van Wert. Population 75.

List of Business Persons:
Gill, J. S. & Sons, wooden bowls
McMahan, T., dry goods and groceries
Sutton, B. A., physician
TRYON, JOHN M., Postmaster and Agent P., Ft. W. & C. R. R

Is situated in Van Wert Co., on the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Railway, 7 miles east of Van Wert, the county seat. Population 100. Ship via P., Ft. W. & C. Railroad.

List of Business Persons:
Calhoun & Fife, saw mill
Cooke, D. F., drygoods
Davis, D. J., dry goods
Estill, J. A., physician
Fife, Albert, carpenter
Foster, Wm., carpenter
Morris, Jefferson, boots and shoes
NELSON, W. S., Postmaster and Freight and Ticket Agent
Nutter, E. H. & Cunningham, stave manufs.
Quick, G. W., carpenter

The county seat of Van Wert Co., is situated on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad, 86 miles west from Crestline. The town contains a population of 3,000 inhabitants.

List of Business Persons:
Alexander & Saltzgaber, attorneys, Main st
American House, Main st
Barr, J. M., attorney, Arcade Block
Beers & Collins, attorneys, Arcade Block
Bethards, L. & Son, boots and shoes, Main st
Bickford & Leibbrandt, boots and shoes, Washington st
Bieber, Chas., baker, Main st
Blachert, Mrs. C. M., millinery, Main st
Bonewitz & Johns, dry goods, Main st
Brehm, H. A., grocer, Main st
Brodnix, J. B., attorney, Main st
Brumback, J. S. & Co., dry goods, Main st
Bunker, D. Y., millinery, Main st
Butler & Co. stave manufs
Cassel, J., gunsmith, Washington st
Cessna, B. F., physician, Main st
Clark, I. D., attorney, Main st
CLARK, O. P. & SON, Dealers in Stoves, Tinware, Pumps, etc, Main street
Clark & Richey, boots and shoes, Main st
Clark, W. A., boots and shoes, Main st
Clymer, W. H., Van Wert Weekly Times, Main street
Cole, E. S., De Puy House, Main st
Conn, Andrew, at Son, grocers, Main st
Conn, Jas., grocer, Main st.
Conn, Mrs. R., millinery, Main st
Crumrine, Peter, furniture, Washington st
Dasher, Gm. grocer, Main st
Davis House, Washington st
De Puy House, E. Cole, proprietor, Main street
De Puy, W. W., physician, Main st
Dietrich, John, blacksmith, Jackson st.
Dorman, Chas., saloon, Main st
Draper, A., boots and shoes, Main st
Eagle Stave Co. staves and heading
Edwards, W. G., grocer, Main st
Evans, J. W., barber, Main st
Fenter, Jr., Wilkinson, meats, Main st
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Main st; C Emerson, President; Horace E. Wells, Cashier; G. A. Sahlquist, Assistant Cashier
Foster, J. H., Van Wert Weekly Bulletin, Main st
Fox & Slade, grocers, Main st
Fugate, Nelson, saddles, Washington st
FINK, L. M., Butter and Eggs, Washington st
Gard, M., saloon, Washington st
Gilliland, T. S., grain, seeds, etc, Main st
Gleason, A. & F., saw mill
GLEASON, J. A. & BRO., Spoke and Bending Factory, Main st
Glenn, H. C., attorney, Main st.
Griffith, B. F., meats, Washington st
Hackedorn, D. A., dry goods
Hartsock, I. S., photographer. Main st
Heist, H. & Co., stoves, Main st
Hern, Mrs. E. H., dress maker, Main st
Hertel, Wm., boots and shoes, Main st
Hertz, Jr., Heinly, planing mill
Hertz & Heinly, hardware Main st
Hester, U. H., photographs, Main st
Hufen, Jacob, meats, Washington st
Hull, G., grocer
Jacobs, A., clothing, Main st
Krout, A. N., physician, Washington st
Linn, A. P., drugs, Main st
Longsworth & Pennell, drugs, Main st
Longsworth, Wm. N., physician, Main st
Lown, C. W., furniture
Lynch, A. & Co., grocers, Main st.
McConahay, A. P., jewelry, etc, Main at
MCCURDY, A. B. & Co., Hardware, Cutlery, Agricultural Implements etc, Main st
McGarren, Holbrook & Co., drugs, cor Washington and Jackson
Malick, John P., tannery
Meisheimer, C. A., drugs, Main st
Miller & Co., bakery and saloon, Washington st
Miner, T. J., clerk Van Wert Hotel, nr Depot
Moebus, A., saloon, Main st
MOON, R. P., Dentist, Office Arcade Block, up stairs; Teeth extracted without pain
Mosure, G. W., boots and shoes, Main st
NEFF, CAPT. C., Proprietor Van Wert Hotel, nr Railroad Depot
Noble, J. E. & Co., steam engines, etc
Noble & Sahlquist, turners
Newcomer, Thos. & Co., grocers. Main st
PRICE & SHISSLER, Attorneys at Law, Office, Main street
Penn, J. W., furniture, Main st
Profit, P., boots and shoes, Main st
Purmort & Springer, grocers, Main st
Reid, J. L., physician, Main st
Reidenbaugh & Dasher, meats, Main st
Roebuck & Teubner, dry goods, etc, Main st
Rowley, Mrs. S. P., millinery, Washington st
Saltzgaber, S., American House, Main st
Saville, Wm. & Co., boots and shoes, Main st
Shilling, J. C., restaurant, Washington st
Sholl & Paessler, saw mill and lumber
Shoop, B. F., saddles and harness, Washington st
SMITH, WM., Physician and Surgeon, Office Arcade Block, upstairs
Stanshall, Wm., jewelry, etc, Main st.
Stemen, C. B., physician, Main st
Stevenson & Gardner, barbers, Main st
Stripe & Clay, billiards, Main st
Swineford, S. & Son, grocers, Main st
Tolan, W. A., tailor, Washington st
Union Mills Flouring Co. flour manufs
Van Wert County Bank, Main st
Van Wert Flouring Mill Co., flour manufs
VAN WERT HOTEL, near Railroad Depot; Capt. C. Neff, Proprietor
Van Wert Stave Co., staves and heading
Van Wert Weekly Bulletin, Main st
Van Wert Weekly Times, Main st
Van Wert Woolen Mill, L. W. Moss, Pres't D. A. Johns, Sec'y
WARREN & WELLS, Flour Barrels, Staves etc
Wise, U. S., grocer, Washington at
Zimmerman, L. F., dry goods, cor Main and Washington


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