Van Wert County, Ohio
Business Directory 1864

The Ohio State Gazetteer, Shipper's Guide, and Classified Business Directory, 1864-65
Van Wert County Entries
Haws and Redfield, Publishers
Indianapolis, Indiana


HIMMELRIGHT, S. F. & CO., Woolen Manufacturers W. side Canal.
JONES, D. W., Proprietor Commercial House.
LYE & MARBLE, dealers in Grain, Provisions, Lumber, etc., cor. Canal and Main.
OSTENDORF, J. & Co., Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, etc.
SHANK, A., Druggist, Canal.
WROCKLAGE, T. & CO., dealers in Groceries and Provisions.


BONEWITZ & JOHNS, wholesale and retail dealers in Dry Goods and Produce, Main.
DE PUY, PERRIN, Attorney at Law.
DE PUY, W. W., Physician, Main.
HERTZ, U. W. & BROTHER, dealers in Hardware, Cutlery, Glass, Sash, Oils, Paints and Lamps, Main.
LYNN, A. P., Druggist and Bookseller, Main.
MOLTZ, GEORGE W., dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, etc., Main.
RUTH & HOTCHKISS, Lumber dealers.
TUCKER, A. C., Job Printer and publisher of Bulletin.
VAN WERT MACHINE WORKS, Strother & Ainsley proprietors.


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