Middlepoint, Van Wert County, Ohio
City Directory 1915-1916

Legend: h=home; lab=laborer; wid=widow; e=east; w=west; s=south; n=north; slsman=salesman; tchr=teacher, etc.
Names in parentheses indicate other family members at address.

Armstrong, Chas. (Kate), hotel kpr, h w Jackson (Fayne, Guy, Ruby)
Armstrong, Florence Miss, h Adams
Armstrong, Lafayette (Malinda), Carrier P O, h RFD 2
Armstrong, Lee, hostler Thos Armstrong, h Adams
Armstrong, Luther A (Nettie), lab, h n Walnut
Armstrong, Oscar (Grace), p m, h n Chestnut (Dorothy, Ruth Mildred, Altha, Alice)
Armstrong, Thos. (Maude) livery Jackson, h Jackson cor Main (Cora, Claud)
Askins, Chas. (Anna), dry gds, h s Adams (Harold, Chas Jr)
Askins, Donald, slsmn, h e Jackson
Askins, Julia Mrs, h e Jackson

Baker, Elizabeth, wid Adam, h s Main
Baker, R. L. (Ida), lab, h n Walnut (Cloyd, Bernard, Alice, Henry, Tessa)
Baker, Stephen (Maud), barber, h e Jackson (Clay, Ray, Velma, Clyde, Donald. Babe)
Barber, Wilsey (Sarah), junk dlr h e Wood (Clara, Sherman, Thos, Hazel, Leota, Flora)
Baxter, C. R. (Margaret), lab, h n Adams (Harry)
Baxter, Thos. (Anna), hdw, h e Jackson (Floyd, Lucile)
Beachler, Alice Mrs, h s Mason (Leah, Madeline, Una, Monnabell)
Beaghler, Margaret L. Miss, bkkpr Middle Point Bakery Co, h Mason
Bell, Frank (Lydia), carp, h n Walnut
Bennet, Z. (Maggie), five and ten cent store, Adam, h w Jackson
Best, Walter J. (Hazel), lab, h Adams
Bitner, Chas. (Fannie), agt, h South st
Blackstone, Geo. R., phys, Jackson, h same
Brown, Joel (Mary), lab, h e Wood st
Bucholtz Bros. (Chas and Harmon F), gen'l mdse, Adams
Bucholtz, Chas. (Bucholtz Bros), h Adams
Bucholtz, Emma Miss, bkkpr Scott & Son, h Adam
Bucholtz, Harmon F. (Bucholtz Bros), h Adams
Bucholtz, Mary Mrs, h n Adams (Emma, Chas, Harmon, Lotta)

Carmean, Isaac N., restr, h w Wood
Carpenter, Dora Mrs, h w Wood (Ethel)
Clark, J. M. (Mary), carp, h Railroad st
Clark, Lucinda Mrs
Clark, W. E. (Anna), farmer (Leona, Pauline, Wilber)
Clendenning, Chas. (Anna), h n Main (Hazel, Jno)
Clendening, Irvin (Anna), elect Adams, h n Main
Combs, Moses (Ella), carp, h Normal st (Orbie, Thelma, Dewar)
Coon, Bert, driller, h Wood
Cooper, G. W. (Ida), engnr, h n Adams (Lena, Ralph, Gladys)
Cothern, Anna Mrs, h Railroad st (Thea)

Daugherty, Lee (Olive), foremn, h n Elm (Paul)
DeCamp, Elizabeth Mrs, h n Adams
Denison, I. N. (Precie), h township line (Clyde)
Denison, Jane Mrs, h South st
Denman, Mary Mrs, h e Jackson
Denman, T. E., lab, h e Jackson
Dilts, Stephen D. (Ollie), blksmith, h Griswold
Downhour, Laura Mrs, h n Adams
Downhour, Wm. (Laura) section foreman, h n Adams
Duvall, Lulu Miss, h Griswold st
Duvall, Ruth Miss, h Griswold st

Edwards, S. A. (Margaret), phys, h Main st (Margaret)
Eversole, Foster (Stella), music tchr, h s Mason

Foster, Wm. (Sarah), h Railroad st
Frager, Kate, wid Wesley, h Adams
Friesner, Dan'l. (Nettie), pumper h n Walnut (Ray, Carl, Ethel, Luther, Edna, Mary)
Friesner, S. S. (Ella), lab, h n Griswold st (Sam'l, Mary, Myrtle, Inez, Francis, Ralph, Dwight)

Gamble, R. A., h South st
Glass, Fred, engnr, h n Adams
Good, Omer W. (Allie), clk, h w Jackson

Haines, Reuben D., farmer, h s Mason
Haines, Walter C., lab, h s Mason
Harthan, F. W., pastor Methodist Church, h e Jackson
Hayes, E. E., lab, h Main
Heist, G. A. (Mariah), h Main st
Heller, Walter G. (Nellie), supt Stone Quarry, h Mill
Heyman, Homer (Muriel), elk, h Jackson
Hildebrand, A. R. (Etta), lab, h Elm st (Byron, Delora)
Hildebrand, J. F.(Ann), h w Wood
Hollowell, J. E. (Dora), lab, h Harrison st (Leora, Robert, William)
Hood, G. W. (Catherine), drayman, h n Adams
House, Crist, lab Scott & Son, h Elm

Imes, Abner, lab, h e Jackson
Ingersoll, Kermit (Amanda), tchr, h Sycamore st

Jenkins, Ethel Miss, h Railroad st
Jenkins, Francis, h Railroad st
Jones, Robt., lab, h Railroad st
Judd, Louisa, wid Warren, h Adams

Kaverman, Henry M., undertaker Delphos O
Kelley, Jno. (Sarah), lab, h n Chestnut (Charles, Charlotte Melvin)
Koos, I. W., pastor United Brethren Church, h South

Ladd, Vaughn (Jennie), lab, h n Adams (Josephine, Doyt)
Lea, D. F., agt, h w Wood
Lea, S. A. (Leah), farmer, h e Jackson
Lea, Sarah Mrs, h w Wood
Leathers, Edmond A., pres Middle Point Bkng Co, h Van Wert, RFD
Lewis, Jno. (Kate), farmer, h e Jackson
Lloyd, D. C. (Ella), engnr, h Normal (Cloyd, Ruth, Helen)
Lochard, Jno. (Mary), plasterer, h Mason st
Ludwig, Theo., lab Scott & Son, h Jackson

McGinnis, Winfield M., cashr Middle Point Bkng Co, Normal
McGuinis, W. W. (Julia), cashr Bank, h Normal st (Dorothy Bertrand, Beatrice)
McMannis, F. M. (Rachael), paper hngr, h n Adams (Parlette)
McMannis, Lydia Mrs, h n Adams st
McMannis, Wm. (Florence), h Railroad st

Manship, A. A. (Louise), gen'l store, h s Adams (Earl, Ruby)
Manship, Ellen Mrs, h n Adams
Maxson, Earl, baker h South
Maxson, Reuben (Bertha), baker Adams, h South
Meyer, Maud Mrs, mlnr, h s Adams
Middlepoint Banking Co, Adams, E. A. Leathers, pres, G R Reed v-pres, W M McGinnis cashr
Miller, Chas. (Blanche), lab, Railroad
Miller, Wm., lab, h Gay st (C and O, Evaline)
Milligan, H. E., dist supt County Schls, h South
Mohler, H. A. (Phoebe), druggist h South st
Mohler, Henry A., drugs, wallpaper, paints, oils, etc and undertaker, Adams, h South
Mohler, R. E., clk H A Mohler
Moore, Jno., janitor, h n Elm
Moore, Samantha Miss, tchr, h n Mill
Mowrey, Fannie Mrs, farmer, h e Jackson (Madge, Parley)
Myers, L. A. (Lizzie), lab, h Griswold (Merritt, Earl, Mae Eva)

Neer, Sam'l. (Cora), shoemkr, h e Jackson (Raymond, Clarence, Ola, Mabel, Delton, Lydia)
Nungester, H. N., blksmith, Jackson

Oglesbee, Abram (Anna), lab, h w Jackson (Hubert)
Oglesbee, Chas. (Lillie), stock dlr, h w Jackson

Parlett, Jno., h Adams
Patrick, Francis (Margaret), lab h e Jackson (Carrie, Sophie, Bessie, Ervin, Gus)
Pollock, Grant (Mary), elevator, h Railroad st (Clarence, Kenneth, Carson)
Pollock, Iline, h n Walnut
Pollock, Leo, h n Walnut
Pollock, Noah R., blacksmith, Adams, h Griswold
Pollock, Sam'l. (Jane), lab, h Main (Jas, Jobe, Ray)

Rader, Eva Mrs, h n Mill
Rader, R., farmer, h n Mill
Rarick, Elizabeth, wid Sam'l, h n Chestnut
Reed, Geo. R., v-pres Middle Point Bkng Co, h RFD
Runyon, C. C. (Eliza), farmer, h n Adams
Runyon, G. A. (Jennie), lab h n Wood
Runyon, H. L., lab, h n Adams
Runyon, J. R., elk, h n Adams
Runyon, Jno., lab, h n Adams

Scott, V. T. (Scott & Son), Delphos O
Scott, Wm. C. (Scott & Son), h Dephos O
Scott & Son (Wm C and V T), grain elev, Adams
Sheckler, Ellen, h e Wool
Sheckler, I. N. (Martha), barber, h n Main (Bertha, Gertrude)
Sheckler, Lester (Nellie), lab, h Township Line (Edwd)
Sheley, Claude (Ethel), lab, h Walnut
Sheley, Perry V. (Amanda), Carrier P O, h Griswold
Showalter, H. E. (Flora), coal dlr h s Main
Showalter, Henry (Matilda F), (Victor, Clifford)
Showalter, Reuben E. (Anna) lab h Elm
Shrider, Wm. (Julia), pumper, h w Wood (Merlan, L Kenneth, Wm)
Snyder, Jesse, car inspr Adam
Speaker, P. W. (Hannah J), Township Line
Spenny, Aaron (Allie), lab, h Chestnut st (Aaron D)
Spridgeon, J. W. (Belle, lab, h Railroad st (Lawrence, Wilber, Martha)
Steinbrenner, Chris (Nettie), carp, h Railroad st (Nettie, Ernest, Vernon, Austin)
Stemen, Clarence G. (Maude), clk
Stemen, Wm. (Rhoda), farmer h w Wood
Stetler, Elmer, barber, Adams, bds same
Strahlen, W. L. (Mary), engnr, h n Chestnut (George)
Summerset, Chas. (Sylvia), lineman, h n Adams
Sunderland, Richard (Ines), lab h Griswold st (Wm, Gaylard. Jennie, Robert)
Surdival, Wm., pastor Presby Ch h Normal

White, Frank (Edith), butcher, h s Adams
White, Rebecca Mrs, h s Ada
Wistner, Thos. E., tel opr, Adams

Young, Jacob (Ollie), restr, h Mason st (Mabel)
Young, Jacob E. (Ollie), restaurant, Adams h same
Young, Jno. Mrs, lab, h e Main (Charles)

Source: Middlepoint, Ohio 1915-1916 Directory, Compiled by Ernest H. Miller, Published by Piedmont Directory Company, Asheville, North Carolina.


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